SH 955

SH 955

  • Authentic sound reproduction
  • 100% hum-free
  • Easy installation - without making holes and / or milling the instrument,
  • Preamp with volume and tone controls,
  • 6.3 mm jack,
  • 3V cell battery,
  • Low energy consumption
  • Dimensions pickup: Length: 2 cm, width: 1.5 cm
  • Dimensions Preamp: Length: 6.7 cm Width: 3.8 cm, height: 3 cm
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Unlike common undersaddle pickups that register only the vibrations of the strings, Nanoflex senses the vibrations of the strings AND the vibrations of the instrument body simultaneously.

Thereby creating Nanoflex pickups a sound that is similar to a microphone bridge pickup combination. No other pickup such a high level of enhanced reproduction of the original sound of acoustic instruments.

Due to active amplification directly at the pickup and 100% shielding of the entire system are Nanoflex Pickup has absolutely no signal loss and no hum.

The volume and tone control is mounted between the middle strings. This includes the input jacks for the pickups, the 6.3 mm output jack and battery. Low power consumption of the system means that the 3V cell battery (2032) is sufficient for one year.

To install the pickup on the instrument no drilling or milling is necessary!