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When Epiphone Guitars and Dave Navarro set out to make a signature Dave Navarro “Jane” guitar, they chose to power it with a Shadow-Electronic’s Pickup and Preamp. Under the genuine bone saddle is Shadow’s Nanoflex pickup. Not a piezo, the NanoFlex design utilizes 7 highly sensitive and ultra-responsive layers of sensor material to not only sense the vibrations of the strings but the vibrations of the guitar body as well. The Nanoflex is the first pickup to incorporate active amplification directly at the pickup. As a result, the signal does not pass through even a single millimeter of the wire and therefore, the signal quality is uncompromised. Combined with its 100% shielding, the Nanoflex is absolutely and completely noise free. 

Epiphone’s eSonic™ preamp is made by Shadow™ of Germany, the eSonic is a small, lightweight preamp powered by two long-lasting Lithium batteries. It features a fast and extremely accurate built-in chromatic tuner that allows you to “mute” the output of the guitar while tuning or while “unplugging” to avoid any loud “pop.” Other controls include Master Volume, Treble and Bass EQ, a Dynamics slider that acts as an EQ frequency shifter, and a “phase” switch to help eliminate feedback.