"In all situations I have the sound thanks to the SH 951 is always under control!"

". At 14, I decided after a visit to the cinema to become a musician as Jimi Hendrix's guitar in" Wild Thing "smashed, has impressed me so much that I just thought," I want to "Today I play though!. Bass and have also not yet smashed directly, but the kick was definitely there. "said Didi's answer to the question about the reason of his career choice ...


Today Didi is not only one of the most successful and best-known bassist, but also Germany's rockabilly figurehead. As early as 1983 took Didi with the band "Pas de Bas" at the National Trials of the Grand Prix d'Eurovision part. With his current band Boppin'B he published since 1989 eight albums (latest album "Bop around the Pop") and played over 4500 gigs (May 2010) (!).


Didi on the double bass SH 951 : 
"I play for many years on almost all my instruments the Shadow SH 951, because I've found after intensive testing, almost all currently available on the market pickup systems that no other pickup a loud me such and powerful sound. As I often play with my band on very large stages, it is for me essential to make me everywhere audible without much feedback problems. the same is also true for small club stages where one because of the very limited space often very close should be in his amp. in all situations, I have the sound but thanks to the SH 951 are always in control. even in the studio, I achieved in combination with a high-quality large diaphragm microphone always sound great, especially this is also our current production 'Bop around the pop' to hear. "



Concerts with:

  • Scorpions
  • Chuck Berry
  • Fats Domino
  • The doctors
  • Mandred Mann's Earth Band
  • Jerry Lee Lewis
  • We are Heroes
  • Laith Al-Deen
  • Toy Dolls
  • Harry Belafonte
  • H-Blockx
  • Dover
  • Backstreet Boys
  • N'Sync
  • La Toya Jackson
  • Dr. Feelgood
  • The Happy
  • Tito & Tarantula
  • The Coasters
  • The Comets
  • London Boys
  • Therapy
  • The Busters

TV appearances:

  • ZDF "50 Years of Rock" 'with Thomas Gottschalk
  • PRO 7 'TV Total' m.Stefan Raab
  • SAT 1 'Hit Giants'
  • NDR 3 '3 to 9' Talk Show
  • RTL II 'The Dome'
  • VIVA 'Sarah Kuttner'
  • VIVA 'Interactive'
  • NBC Giga
  • ARD "Hut Ab" live from the Berlin Funkaustellung
  • WDR "Hollymünd" (2x)
  • SAT 1 "Harald Schmidt Show"
  • VIVA "Viva Sion" with Stefan Raab
  • BR 3 "Live from the Tauber Valley Open-Air" (2002 & 2004)
  • SWR 3 "This begins yes to good"
  • SWR 3 "Come on"
  • HR 3 "Hessenschau"
  • Tele 5 "Live the morning"