SH Micro Sonic A NMG VT

SH Micro Sonic A NMG VT

  • Endpin preamp for acoustic guitar
  • Volume and tone controls for sound hole assembly
  • Incl. Battery Case for 9V battery
  • Incl. magnetic NanoMAG pickup for fingerboard Montage
  • Absolutely pure, acoustic sound
  • 100% lost and no hum
  • Easy installation no holes on the instrument
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Shadows Microsonic NMG VT for acoustic guitars is for sonic clarity, ease of installation and preservation of your guitar ausgelegt.Der preamplifier is elegantly hidden in endpin. Thus, the installation is very simple and the usual cut-out of the guitar is omitted. The guitar remains intact in its original state and the reverb.

The preamplifier in Finial tuned and convincing fine height drawing, crisp mids and full bass. On acoustic guitars The output power is optimized for finger picking and strumming. 

The small and super-light sound control unit is accessible through the sound hole and is fitted with a volume and tone controls.


NanoMAG is the only pickup of its kind, the sound spectrum from authentic Westerngitarrenklangbis towards sweet blues or jazz sound enough. Furthermore, the pickup is characterized by a high feedback resistance and impressive dynamics.

The 9V battery is elegant in the supplied battery case ( SH 014accommodated). The underside is provided with Velcro, which is installed with double-sided tape to the desired surface.