SH Sonic Nanomag

SH Sonic Nanomag

  • Soundhole preamp with phase invert switch, volume, bass and treble controls
  • easy installation
  • Convenient battery access (2 x 3V batteries)
  • incl. active NanoMAG pickup
  • incl. endpin connection
  • Battery life: 250 hours.
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Shadow's soundhole acoustic and classical guitars are designed for sonic clarity, ease of installation and preservation of your guitar.

SH Sonic NanoMAG is an easy-to fit preamp for acoustic guitar.The 2-band control (bass and treble) can neatly personal, acoustic sound setting.

The Sonic system with an active NanoMAG delivered pickups and works with two 3V batteries. By installing the preamplifier in soundhole eliminates the usual cut-out of the guitar.

NanoMAG is the only pickup of its kind, whose sound range from authentic acoustic guitar sound to warm blues or jazz sound. Furthermore, the pickup is characterized by a high feedback resistance and impressive dynamics. 

Pressing the phase switch the frequency curve is rotated 180 degrees and thus canceled the usual with feedback "whistling".

The LED indicator lights up when the batteries. Accordingly, should be replaced within the next 30 minutes.

The complete system is extremely light and weighs less than a 9V battery, the use of which is found in other preamps.