Tony Barhoum is a Kanun player born in 1993 in the north Galilee in Palestine. 

He began studying music at age nine and studied the Kanun for 10 years at Beit Al-Musica Conservatory in Palestine. Tony has concentrated on studying the Arabic Traditional Music, the Maqamat (Arabic modes) and the art of traditionalimprovisation on the Kanun. He has also studied the Turkish style and modes influenced by the famous artist and Kanun player Aytac Dogan. His studies include Eastern and Western music theory. He graduated in 2011 and then went on to teach a year after. 

During his studies, Tony received three full scholarships and won first place in three different competitions: The Marcel Khalife National Music Competition, The Palestine National Music
Competition in Ramallah, and the Nazareth Music Competition. 

Tony has established himself as a performer on a large spectrum during his studies. His performances ranged from the traditional music to the pop and fusion styles. He was a member of the Big Band of the Conservatory, where they played the traditional Arabic and Turkish music and songs. His resume includes several performances as a soloist in recitals and many concerts with his own band, which he established with his brother and bass player Aboudi Barhoum, where they combined sophisticated microtonal music with jazz harmony and groove.

Tony has had the opportunity to share the stage with the famous Kanun artist, Aytac Dogan, in a special show for two Kanun players at the Oud festival in Haifa. In the pop music scene, Tony has loaned his considerable talents in the studios and stages of a vast array of today's pop singers. 

In 2014 he moved to Boston, Massachusetts, USA to study at the Berklee College of Music after receiving the Presidential Scholarship of Berklee. He is currently a second year Performance Major at Berklee, studying under the Arabic music master and teacher, Simon Shaheen. At Berklee, Tony has the opportunity to perform with the aforementioned Mr. Shaheen , the great Antonio Serrano, and many other accomplished musicians in studio work and live performances.