Victor Smolski, the son of Professor Dmitry Smolski, one of Russia's leading contemporary composers, was born on 01.02.1969 in Minsk (Belarus) to the world and began to study the age of six, piano and cello. The guitar soon followed, and already with eleven years he was a professional. In the Belarussian rock band "Pesniary", this country quite compare with the Scorpion, he reached age 14 in the strings. (!) Ten million albums were sold. Mind you: This was all before glasnost and perestroika. But stadium concerts, which were known even then in Russia, only played as just "Pesniary", and their guitarist was just 14 years old. "Nine months" says Smolski, "we were touring touring throughout the country".

Smolski awarded diplomas on playing rock and jazz guitar as well as in composing and arranging music. Anything can study a musician, Victor had already mastered at a young age with success.


In February 2008 RAGE were then at Stefan Raab "TV Total" at the television station Pro Sieben on to help promote the CD release of "Carved In Stone" and the upcoming world tour "Carved In The Road" by Europe, Japan and Russia, then turned RAGE as bonus material, two new video clips for the songs "Lord Of the Flies" and "Open My Grave". Especially for the newly released on the market computer game "Windchaser", Victor arranged the song "Lord Of The Flies" in an orchestral version to. During the Japan tour Victor on MI held in Tokyo from a workshop, which was filmed by the "Young Guitar Magazine" and subsequently released on DVD. After some solo performances with special guests such as Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big) followed on bass. Even Victor's racing career in 2008 with several class victories and podiums very successful. The 3rd place in its class at the world's largest and most dangerous racing event, the 24-hour race at the legendary Nürburgring, was the highlight.2008 was the official comeback of Victor's former band "Mind Odyssey" as a side project with the publication of a best-of album.


2009 joined Mind Odyssey from a recording contract with Napalm Records on the release of the new CD "Time To Change It" and a re-release the entire back catalog. For Mind Odyssey is a great opportunity offered to celebrate the reunion, by playing on the RAGE jubilee tour as support. With the release of new EP "Never Give Up" celebrated RAGE its 25th anniversary, not only on the road, but also with the appearance in Stefan Raab Federal Vision Song Contest, where they competed live on the TV channel Pro Sieben for NRW and a successful 3 could prove. place. For a big show at the Masters Of Rock Festival in the Czech Republic and the Wacken Open Air RAGE have several "special guests" invited for her appearance. 2009 Victors first official training DVD "School Of Metal" was released, a very special event. The DVD was presented by Gguitar magazine along with PPV media and Victor in the spring at the Frankfurt Musikmesse and was an immediate success. On this DVD Victor leads through the heroic history of metal guitar - From the classic heavy metal to thrash metal to Speed nd Progressive Metal.


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